The Perfect Shrimp Cocktail

October 6, 2014

Something about Florida shrimp just makes my mouth water. It’s fresh and perfect. You can peel and eat. You can saute. My favorite? With a spicy horseradish cocktail sauce. It is truly simple and tastes a million  billion times better than the stuff you buy from the store. It goes like this:

Get out some ketchup. YES. you really need to catch up here…. Wow, that joke was pretty lame ( I blame it on sleep deprivation).

Add a bit of lemon juice, fresh horseradish sauce, a few drops of Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, and salt. Mix it so it looks like this.


Steam your shrimp till lightly pink. If you cannot find good fresh shrimp I absolutely love the frozen Alaskan shrimp sold at Trader Joe’s. Place the shrimp around the edge of a glass.


It is seriously this simple and really will make a huge difference by making the sauce homemade.



So delicious….





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