The BIG Move.

July 22, 2014
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When I left for college, the number of belongings I owned dramatically shrunk (except clothing…that probably quadrupled). This is probably due to the fact that you move from dorm room to dorm room, apartment to apartment, and like most college graduates…back to good ol’ Mom & Dad’s house for a while. You get used to packing all your belongings TETRIS style to fit completely into one vehicle.

Then you get married and live in a house.

Your life immediately multiplies with THINGS and STUFF faster than two rats can create offspring  (They apparently can reproduce up to a million descendants within 18 months….yea some things we just don’t need to know.. Unless you happen to have a rat problem; then you’re pretty much destined for the bubonic plague.)

So when El Capitano and I found out about the move…let’s just say I felt the world slowly coming down on me (or at least the amount of THINGS and STUFF!).

In hindsight, I suppose it really wasn’t THAT much to pack and move for two people. I vowed I would purge the closets and the the cupboards (Really ? Who says cupboards anymore…).

We did manage to get rid of many items but since moving into a larger house with lots of empty space…we have acquired more THINGS and STUFF to replace anything we left behind.

This is what our lawn looked like as we packed up the truck.



We moved all the THINGS and STUFF ourselves (referred to as a DITY move)  and took the military up on their offer to move our larger items, like furniture.

They came in this. Show off’s…


 I finished out the school year at work (darn cold days…yup not SNOW days but COLD days to make up). While the Captain drove a budget truck back to Miami. He clearly had a blast and truly enjoyed sleeping in truck stop for five hours. But, I digress…

After a friends wedding in Indiana, we made our way down together- moose  dog in tow.


And after driving all night…we finally made it here….


 I mean, who would say”No” to palm trees in their backyard?

All in all, we are settling in.

I’ll update later with before and after pictures of our home redecoration project. Stay tuned!



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