Who the “L” am I?

Hi. My name is Lauren Nagel and I am a self proclaimed food addict.

Cover Photo

I grew up exposed to  Chicago culture and food; not to mention both my grandmothers were avid bakers.

My love for food and cooking has always been a part of who I am and how I express myself creatively.

Additionally, my passion for learning and teaching led me to the career path  I now follow as a high school culinary arts teacher (yes this is a thing).

A lot has changed since graduating college and life had other plans…

And so begins a story of life, love and cooking.

                                                                                                                        Chapter 1: Love & Marriage

I married my college sweetheart and the man of my dreams (I know, its cheesy…but cheese is good especially on crackers).

wedding photo   Photo Credit: April Bowers Photography

Need a better look? OH Captain, my Captain…

honeymoon hubby

I have had the pleasure of this man’s company for the past eight years. We are in weird together.

If you don’t know what that means. Click here.

Chapter 2: The BIG adventure 

After being married almost a year my Army Captain called me at home and said,

“Hey baby, want to move to Miami?”.

(I should clarify he was offered and active duty position)

And like any dutiful army wife…I said,

” WHAT the WHAT!?”

After a 15 minute phone call it was decided. Adventure was awaiting and we were ready to accept the new chapter our lives would be taking.

So we moved from this….(windy city…aka polar VORTEX of HELL?)

Nala in snow

 To this. Well hello sunshine (aka Miami, Fl).


Life is SO hard am I right?

Chapter 3: Life in SoFlo

We are currently on our first adventure into active duty and excited to see where life takes us on this journey and documenting it here to share with all of you.

Even though life is insanely busy…I continue to cook like crazy and now you get to enjoy (I hope) the brunt of my addiction.

Because my husband can’t eat it all if he wants to pass his PT tests…

Thank you for joining me as I exist in this adventure known as A Cooking Story! 




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    I read the blog on the sliders and it sounds delicious! Great job on the blog keep up the work!

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